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module containing functions to support various select methods.

import logging
import numpy as np

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_attributes_with_matching_dimension(obj, dims): """ Get the attributes of an object that have len(dims) number of dimensions or more, and all dims are individual parts of the attribute's shape. Parameters ---------- obj : object of any class The object from which matching attributes are returned dims : list[int] List of dimensions size to match Returns ------- list_of_attrs : list[str] List of names of the attributes with matching dimensions """ list_of_attrs = [] for attr, value in obj.__dict__.items(): if isinstance(value, list): try: value = np.array(value) except ValueError as verr: if "inhomogenous shape" in str(verr): continue try: if all([dims.count(i) <= value.shape.count(i) for i in set(dims)]): list_of_attrs.append(attr) except AttributeError: continue return list_of_attrs